Get Ready to Volunteer!

Before volunteering with Willow Springs in any capacity, you must complete a Volunteer Application with CSD through the button above.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your application to be processed. Applications for each school year will be accepted beginning July 1. 

All volunteers and visitors must check in at the front office every time.

There are endless opportunities to help out at Willow Springs!

Check out all the committees and positions in our PTA below, then fill out this form and we will reach out to you with available volunteer opportunities!

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Board Members
Board members are year-long, elected positions.
These positions include: President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Health & Wellness VP, Membership/Legislative VP, Communications VP, and Support VP.
Meet the 2023-24 board
Email to get involved as a board member

Betty Anderson
PTA President  helps organize all committees and board members. PTA President organizes monthly PTA Community Meetings, and heads up Secretaries Day, Willow Springs T-Shirts, Teacher Appreciation Treat Carts, Rosters, & Kindergarten Orientation .
Email to help with any president-led programs

President Elect
Makenzi Enslow
President Elect helps with any events delegated by the PTA President. This person also heads up Back-to-School night and end-of-year PTA awards.
Email to help with any president-elect-led programs

Aly King
PTA Treasurer heads up financial management of PTA Funds. This person Receives and disburses monies, and is responsible for all bank transactions, annual reports, and PTA tax returns.
Email to help with any treasurer-led programs

Melissa Stringham
Secretary attends all meetings and keeps accurate records of proceedings. An important responsibility of Secretary is to have a firm understand of PTA policies.
Email to help with any secretary-led programs

Health & Wellness
Kristi Dickamore
Health & Wellness VP oversees Staff Appreciation Commissioners (including Bulletin Boards, Staff Birthdays, Giving Trees, Teacher Appreciation, Room Parents, & Teacher Meals). This person also heads up October's Red Ribbon Week, February's Chain of Cheer, as well as organizes volunteers for Hearing and Vision Screenings.
Email to help with any Health & Wellness programs

Membership & Legislative
Sloan Eisenring
Membership & Legislative VP oversees Fundraising Commissioners (including Book Fair, Jog-a-Thon, and Spirit Nights). This person also is responsible for organizing membership drives, awarding grants, and sending legislative info to members.
Email to help with any Membership & Legislative programs

Kelsey Boyce
Communications VP oversees Communications Commissioners (including Printing, Newsletters, and Lost & Found). This person also manages all social media profiles, maintains our website, creates flyers and movies as needed, organizes volunteers for Picture Day, and manages communications with faculty/staff and Willow Springs families.
Email to help with any Communications programs

Gina Lee
Support VP oversees Program Commissioners (including Chess, Watch D.O.G.S, Emergency Kits, Reading Month, and Reflections). This person also supports Special Needs classes in our school and heads up Diversity Week.
Email to help with any Support VP programs

Book Fair
Chair: Christina Muse & Kelly Barton
Book Fair Chair organizes a once per year Scholastic Book Fair during March Parent Teacher Conferences. Responsibilities include finding volunteers to help set up, take down, and work the book fair during open hours.
Email to get involved with Book Fair

Bulletin Boards
Chair: Misha Edwards
Bulletin Board Chair is responsible for updating bulletin boards as needed throughout the school year. During Teacher Appreciation Week, Bulletin Board Chair organizes Room Parents  from each class to create a bulletin board for their classroom.
Email to get involved with Bulletin Boards

Chair: Shannon Felts
Chess meets every Friday morning at 8am in the cafeteria. Chess chairperson volunteers to be present at each Friday meeting, as well as  during end-of-year chess championships. This person should be able to teach children and parents the basics of chess.
Email to get involved with Chess

Emergency Kits
Chair: Katie Glazier
Each classroom is equipped with Emergency Kits at the start of each year. This chairperson organizes and purchases the Emergency Kits (reimbursed by PTA funds), then delivers them to the classrooms.
Email to get involved with Emergency Kits

Classroom Wishlists
Chair: Jennie Stratton & Katie Call
Giving Tree Posters are placed outside each classroom during Parent Teacher Conferences that give opportunities for parents to donate needed items to their child's classroom. Chairperson is responsible for gathering these lists from teachers and displaying them 2x annually.

See current Wishlists
Email to get involved with Wishlists

Chair: Jill Wade  & Michelle Foulger
Jog-a-thon is our one big PTA fundraiser for the school year (What is Jog-a-Thon?) This chairperson is responsible for gathering and organizing equipment, concessions, dunk tanks, photography, routes, shirt distribution, music, and the SuccessFund page.
Email to get involved with Jog-a-Thon

Lost & Found
Chair: Open
Lost & Found Chairperson organizes Lost & Found, takes videos/pictures  to be shared on social pages.  Time commitment is about 2 hours, 1x per month.
Email to get involved with Lost & Found

Chair: Melissa Wilde
Newsletter chairperson gathers newsletter content from school & PTA sources and designs a newsletter monthly. Newsletters must be approved by the school principal before sending to print.
Email to get involved with Newsletter

Chair: Anikah Carter
Printing Chair is responsible for creation of any printed materials that will be distributed at the school.   PDFs are created & approved, then emailed to Printing chairperson for creation.
Email to get involved with Printing

Reading Month
Chair: Melanie Smith
Reading Month Chairperson organizes events in March, including "Books & Breakfast", a school-wide Read-a-Thon, and the Bruised Books program.
Email to get involved with Reading Month

Chair: Heather George  & Sarah Hanks
Reflections is a national program celebrating the arts. Reflections chair person works with the Regional PTA in advertising, collecting, and judging Reflections submissions for our school. This chairperson also organizes a Kick-off Assembly and Awards Assembly at the school.
Email to get involved with Reflections

Spirit Nights
Chair: Julie Rupp
Spirit Nights occur throughout the school year and provide extra fundraising for our school. This chairperson will plan and organize Spirit Nights with local restaurants and make sure students and families know the dates.
Email to get involved with Spirit Nights

Staff Birthdays
Chair: Kristen Lindman & Cindy Sutton
Staff Birthday chairperson has a PTA budget for planning and purchasing birthday gifts for each staff member at Willow Springs. This person is also responsible for distributing birthday gifts to teachers throughout the year.
Email to get involved with Staff Birthdays

Teacher Appreciation & Room Parents
Chair: Jessica Nordhoff, Brittany DeStefano, Dixie Lewis
This chairperson organizes Teacher Appreciation Week gifts & events.  This person also organizes, trains, and supports all Room Parents in the school.  
Email to get involved with Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Meals
Chair: McKall Feulner, Hannah Balderson, Angela Neidig, Whitney Howes
This chairperson budgets and organizes every time PTA provides meals for teachers at the school. This includes Parent Teacher Conferences and other celebrations.
Email to get involved with Teacher Meals

Watch D.O.G.S
Chair: Jared Glazier
The Watch D.O.G.S. program encourages male involvement in the school and PTA. This chair person is responsible to find, organize, and support volunteers at the school through this program.
Email to get involved with Watch D.O.G.S

Not Sure Where to Volunteer?

Check out all the committees and positions in our PTA and let us know how you'd like to help,

Or fill out this form and we will reach out to you with available volunteer opportunities!